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Since 2005, through the efforts of the website, a limited edition collection of The Gateway Singers albums are available on Remastered CDs & MP3 Downloads

Wonderful recollections from visitors and members of the group about discovering the fascinating music on record and great nights at the hunngryi and other venues

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THE FABULOUS GATEWAY SINGERS were the  wonderful San Francisco folk group with which Lou Gottlieb led the way for the music boom that swept across America and beyond in the 1950s.  This website is dedicated to the talented individuals who made up this glorious group with such a distinctive sound , and whose material knew no bounds.

Listen to Medleys from each of the albums  - Puttin' on the Style  --  At the hungry i  --  In Hi Fi  --  Wagons West  --  On the Lot - by clicking on individual images

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Gateway Singers CDsGateway Singers CDsGateway Singers CDsGateway Singers CDsGateway Singers CDs

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Experience your own hungry i reunion with the wonderful DVD featuring commentary by Enrico Banducci
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Or visit the website entirely devoted to the great San Francisco institution

With history, memories and facts
You might not have realized that Gateway Singer Travis Edmonson was also one half of the ground-breaking duo Bud & Travis

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All their great albums were remastered to the highest standard, and are available for purchase on Travis' official site

Keep the Bud & Travis legacy alive.
A must visit for all Gateway fans!